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“The exercises are a joy to do. I have full confidence that with each analysis and set of exercises, I am moving closer to well-functioning body alignment and movement. This program fills me with gratitude.”

Maria Huntley, Grass Lake, MI

Ann-Margaret helps her client adjust.

Ann-Margaret Giovino provides you with expert body structure analysis and a customized program to improve your movement and core strength.

After years as a power-lifter, Ann-Margaret found Pete Egoscue’s method for improving physicality and was amazed to find that even though her peripheral muscles were very strong, they had been over-emphasized and didn’t help when performing the simple exercises that required core muscles closer to the bones.

She can work with you remotely during the pandemic to assess your body, and then develop three sets of accessible training routines which will be like taking a child through crawling to standing to walking freely. You will find yourself laying comfortably in engaged poses with tools you can find around the house, and before long, feeling a lot better in your body!

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